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Sump Pumps Direct is able to pass along factory direct discounts to our customers because of our extremely low operating expenses.

Sump Pump Factory Direct Discounts

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Sump Pump Factory Direct Discounts

Let's be totally honest.

We're a middleman. In fact, so is the massive hardware store down the street.

We both buy sump pumps from manufacturers. We both resell them to consumers.

The Similarities End There
1. We don't have massive mortgage payments. We don't need huge warehouses and endless parking lots.

2. We don't have high-paid, clueless clerks. Our website and customer service team is more knowledgeable than any orange apron.

3. Our operating expenses are nearly non-existent. No shopping carts with wobbly wheels. No cash registers. No expensive utility bills.

Think about it. As an Internet retailer, our expenses are next to nothing. As a result, we can pass considerable factory-direct discounts to you.

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