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Sump Pump Installation: How To Cut and Glue PVC Pipe. Expert advice on how to cut and glue PVC pipe for sump pump installations. Sump Pumps Direct product experts provide information on the basic steps, so an average homeowner can accomplish this DIY project.

Sump Pump Installation - PVC Pipe

How To Cut & Glue PVC Pipe

Sump Pump
Product Expert
Sump Pump Installation - PVC Pipe

If you've thought about installing your replacement pump, this is a good starting point.

Being able to cut and glue PVC pipe is probably the most difficult part of installing a pump. Getting the right length, the right adhesive, and the right fit isn't just luck. Know-how is necessary.

If you have a good grasp of cutting PVC pipe and using some simple hand tools, some basic knowledge and preparation can make installing a pump quite easy.

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