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Sump Pump Installation: How To Install A Primary Sump Pump. Expert advice on how to install a primary sump pump. Sump Pumps Direct product experts provide information on the basic steps, so an average homeowner can accomplish this DIY project.

Sump Pump Installation - Primary Pump

How To Install A Primary Sump Pump

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Sump Pump Installation - Primary Pump

Installing a replacement primary sump pump maybe seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it's actually a simple process.

With just a few hand tools, a bucket and some PVC parts, you can have your replacement pump installed in less than an hour.

If you've considered calling a plumber to install your new sump pump, watch this video first.

If you're replacing your sump pump, it would be a good time to replace your check valve. A malfunctioning or leaky check valve can make your pump work harder than it has to.


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