Sump Pumps Direct Announces Best Sump Pumps 2014

Sump Pumps Direct Announces Best Sump Pumps 2014

The Algorithm's Back to Rank Top 2014 Sump Pumps

BOLINGBROOK, IL (January 22, 2014) - The Sump Pumps Direct rankings algorithm has returned for 2014 to help online shoppers find the sump pump of their dreams.

Sump Pumps Direct, the industry leading sump pump retailer and reviews site, currently lists more than 230 sump pump models and publishes over 1,300 reviews from real-time online shoppers.

Their algorithm generates an accurate and unbiased letter grade for each sump pump, making it possible for Sump Pumps Direct to provide visitors with the most current and comprehensive 2014 sump pump lists online.

“Many of the 'best-selling' lists you find online are created by affiliate sites who randomly select products in hopes of earning commissions from manufacturers,” said Jim Owiecki, pump expert at “The other 'top-rated' lists you see in magazines tend to be so old that several of the models are already discontinued.”

According to Owiecki, Sump Pumps Direct's lists are the best source for current 2014 pump rankings for three specific reasons:

1. Three Lists in One
"Best" means something different to everyone. To help shoppers find what they're looking for, publishes lists that can be sorted three different ways. They can be sorted by best selling, top-rated or expert recommended models. Better yet, those results can be filtered, further narrowing the selection of pumps to exactly what the customer's most interested in.

Because shoppers are so unique, didn't want to create just one list. The online retailer put together a separate list for each style of sump pump, ranging from primary sump pumps to WiFi connected backup pumps.

2. Real-Time
The vast majority of 'best-selling' lists get updated once each year, so most of the time they're displaying discontinued pumps that haven't been popular in quite some time. However, Sump Pumps Direct's lists are continuously updated in real-time, highlighting what’s currently hot and popular whenever you visit.

“Best of all, actual sump pump users can influence the algorithm at any time. If a shopper doesn't agree with our letter grade, they can easily submit a review, which immediately alters the ranking,” said Owiecki, who works with all of the top manufacturers and loyal customers directly before recommending the highest quality pumps.

3. Free
At, they don't require shoppers to sign-up for a subscription or a membership. Instead they make it their goal to educate shoppers with free information to help them choose the right pump.

"We're very passionate about sump pumps, so we're overjoyed to be able to share this valuable information for free," said Owiecki.

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