Grinder Pump Buyer's Guide

Grinder Pump Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Grinder Pump

Like over-sized garbage disposals, grinder pumps shred and cut through debris contained in your home's wastewater.


They feature a steel blade that grinds most solids to a pulp to help prevent blockage. Grinder pumps can also be used for high head and very long horizontal discharge runs. If you're having trouble with your sewage pump clogging, a grinder pump may be just what you need.



Automatic or Non-Automatic?

Grinder Pump

This decision should be based on your intended application. Most residential applications will require an automatic pump unless there's a control panel and or box already in place. Basically, the automatic grinder pumps are "turn-key" ready to be installed, whereas manual grinders require some sort of switching mechanism and control panel to operate.


If you're replacing your residential sewage pump with a grinder pump, an automatic model is your best bet. This can simply be swapped out and start working. If you're replacing a commercial grinder pump, you should determine if your current system has a control panel. Non-automatic grinder pumps are typically used with systems that feature a control panel.


If you're not using a control panel, a float switch or an electric-powered piggy-back switch will be necessary for the pump to run when required.


Discharge Type

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The most common discharge type found on grinder pumps is vertical. It's important, however, to know they can also be found with a horizontal discharge, so you'll want to be sure you choose the one that's right for your application.


If you're pumping wastewater horizontally to another location that's either at the same elevation or lower or if you've got guide rails in place, you may want the discharge to come straight out through the side of the pump (rather than vertically).


In this case, you'll want a pump that features a side-discharge that'll give you a more efficient flow with less friction. In the event you would use a side discharge pump vertically, there are easy-to-install 90-degree flange adapters available.



Commercial Grinder Pump Systems

Grinder Pump SystemThe service and hospitality industries thrive on using a grinder pump system in bars, restaurants, rental properties, and hotels because it alleviates problems associated with people flushing things down toilets and sinks that shouldn't be flushed. In a bar or restaurant, grinder pumps are used to grind down the scraps that come from industrial-sized sinks.


Busy restaurants and bars don't have time to scrape the scraps before dumping dishes in the sink. So a variety of trash ends up in the drain that, without a grinder pump, could cause severe damage to the plumbing system. Rags, gloves, and lime peels can all be ground up and pumped out with the help of a grinder pump.


For landlords and hotel properties, grinder pumps ensure that if feminine products, food, toys, or other miscellaneous materials won't get stuck in toilets, sinks, and other fixtures. If we're being honest, most people renting a room or a home don't really consider or care what they flush, and a grinder pump will help protect your investment from costly damage over time.


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