Preparing for Hurricane Season 2019

Preparing for Hurricane Season 2019

Experts Offer Forecasts and Preparation Tips

BOLINGBROOK, IL (May 05, 2019) - With hurricane season right around the corner, experts advise that now is the time to begin preparing. Officially, the season runs from June through November, but hurricanes have been known to strike earlier.

Hurricane In response to the approaching season, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is launching National Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 5-11.

The initiative aims to raise awareness of proper hurricane preparation in coastal areas through educational tours, webinars and other resources found on the NOAA website.

Power Equipment Direct is also preparing the public this week with forecasts, hurricane survival kit tips, and one of the largest selection of emergency prep products in the country.

The forecasts are based on Colorado State University's first Atlantic Basin Seasonal Hurricane Forecast for 2019.

Experts predict five hurricanes, two of which will be major storms with Category 3-5 winds. There is a 28 percent chance that at least one major hurricane will make landfall along the U.S. east coast, as well as the Gulf Coast. Researchers used a statistical prediction scheme with 29 years of data to make the forecasts.

Hurricanes cause devastation in many ways. Winds can range from 70-200 mph, and rainfall totals can exceed 12 inches in 24 hours. The deadliest element, however, is the storm surge, which can be as high as 14 feet, or roughly the height of a one-story house.

Preparing for the Storm
The most important step in preparing for hurricane season is having a family disaster plan to keep everyone in a household on the same page when a storm hits. Power Equipment Direct recommends the following best practices.

  • Keep emergency supply kits in the home and car, which include essentials like nonperishable food, water, and a hand-crank radio/flashlight. Also, have an emergency backpack with these essentials to grab on the go.

  • When an evacuation order is given, LEAVE.

  • Have a designated family meetup point when evacuating. If separated for whatever reason, everyone should know where to go and how to get there.

  • Check for flood insurance. Flooding is the leading cause of damage from hurricanes and is not covered under most home insurance policies.

  • Prepare the home. Have a backup generator to power essential appliances like the sump pump and refrigerator. Board up windows and trim trees to prevent damage from falling branches.

  • Plan for pets. If staying at home, keep them inside. If evacuating, leave them with family or friends in a safe zone or at a clinic or shelter.

Do Not Procrastinate
Although it might be tempting to save money and postpone preparations until a hurricane is imminent, experts advise against this.

“We often see a last-minute run on generators before a hurricane strikes,” says Tony Composono, category manager for generators at Power Equipment Direct. “It's true that Power Equipment Direct has one of the largest selections and amount of generators in the country along with a network of convenient distribution centers. Even so, some factors are out of our control, such as shipping lane closures.

“It’s best to order your equipment well before hurricane season to make sure it’s there for an emergency,” he explains. "In the case of standby generators, I also advise checking with local installers to see how much lead time they would need to install a unit because that is another major consideration."

Not only generators, but food, water, fuel, and other essentials may be in short supply during a hurricane. It will most likely be too late to enroll in flood insurance when the insurance company believes a flood is certain, and pets might be left in the cold if advance preparations were not made for their safety.

Hurricane Preparedness Week, a full month before the official start of hurricane season, is, therefore, a recommended time to start thinking and planning for what’s to come.

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