Battery Backup Sump Pump Buyer's Guide

Battery Backup Sump Pump Buyer's Guide

How to Pick the Perfect Battery Backup Sump Pump

Battery backup sump pumps are used to supplement primary pumps by giving you several hours of additional protection from water damage if your primary pump fails due to power outages, mechanical failure, or excessive use.

When the primary pump can't keep up and the water rises in the pit during a storm, the backup sump pump goes to work. You can essentially double your pumping power with a backup pump.

You deserve some peace-of-mind if you're away from home and the power goes out in a thunderstorm; in this article, learn how to properly backup your sump pump.

Backup Sump Pump Batteries

Sump Pump Battery

There are two types of battery backup sump pumps-DC (battery) and AC/DC. Battery backup systems will switch to DC battery power when the AC power is out or when the pump fails. But while the power is on, some pumps can run directly off the AC wall current without depleting the battery. Units that run exclusively DC power will only pump off battery power.

In some cases, you'll need to determine
what type of battery you should choose
with your sump pump. There are deep-cycle "maintenance-free" batteries, often sold as marine or solar batteries, as well as lead-acid batteries, otherwise known as "wet cell" batteries. You'll find wet-cell batteries most commonly used in vehicles.

These batteries do require you to add distilled water occasionally to keep the lead cells from drying out, preventing premature damage. Maintenance-free batteries are fully sealed, which you can set and forget.

Why You Need a Reliable Float Switch

Sump Pump Float Switch

Even the best sump pump backup system will be useless without a reliable float switch. That's because a float switch is what activates a sump pump when the water level rises high enough to trigger it.

There are many types of float switches, and most will come with your primary or backup up sump pump, however, there are others that can be bought separately and installed in addition to your current setup for added protection. We highly recommend you take a moment to learn how to choose the right float switch for your system and see how you can take advantage of new smart float switch technology that sends alerts right to your phone.

Why You Need a Reliable Water Alarm

Wifi-Enabled Sump Pump Alarm From Night EyeYou've probably heard the annoying beeping of a sump pump alarm in the past, but did you know there are many more options out there today? Technology has come a long way to ensure you are notified if anything goes wrong with your backup sump pump before you need it to work.

Learn about the types of water alarm systems available to make sure you pick the best one for your needs. That way, you'll be notified how you prefer and have added peace of mind that your whole system is working properly before an emergency occurs.

Smart Sump Pump Systems

Battery Backup Sump Pump Kit

Some companies have pioneered new sump pump technology to keep up with the smartphone era, and have even designed entire smart sump pump systems where every part communicates together to ensure a smooth, safe, and reliable operation.

No one thinks flooding can happen to them until it's too late. Investing in a smart sump pump backup system is the safest way to ensure your home is kept dry and protected. Now that you're ready to upgrade, click the link below to see the best battery backup pumps available.

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