Water Alarm Buyer's Guide

Water Alarm Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Perfect Water Alarm

By  | Sump Pump Product Expert

A finished basement is an expensive investment.

Reclaiming a finished basement from flood damage can be just as costly as finishing it in the first place. But even a flooded, unfinished basement can be pricey to restore once mold and mildew set it.

A water alarm is a perfect precautionary measure to ensure you stop a flood before it starts.


Water alarms are made for monitoring water leaks, overflowing or broken sump pumps, leaking hoses, and any other way water may become a danger.

So how does it work? A water alarm simply detects water where it's not supposed to be and notifies you when it's present.

Alarm or Dialer

Water Alarm DialerBasic water alarms only do one thing; alert you when water is present. They're loud enough to hear on the second floor of your home. These are fantastic tools if you're home to hear them, but are useless otherwise.

More advanced water alarms go one step further - in the event it detects water, the alarm will call you. You just program the phone number(s) you want the device to call, and you'll be alerted of water in your basement.

Wifi Sump Pumps

Internet-Connected Sump PumpIf you want to go one step further than a dialer, an Internet-connected sump is an answer. The newest addition to sump pump technology gives you more peace of mind than ever before.

In the event the pump detects water, an Internet-connected sump pump will either call, text or email you. In addition to getting these real-time updates, you can check the diagnostics of your pump anytime, from your smartphone.