Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
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Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP

Basement Watchdog BWSP - Special CONNECT® Backup Sump Pump (1850 GPH @ 10')



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Basement Watchdog BWSP - Special CONNECT® Backup Sump Pump (1850 GPH @ 10')
Basement Watchdog BWSP - Special CONNECT® Backup Sump Pump (1850 GPH @ 10')
Model: BWSP
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2600 Gallons

Switch Type


    The Basement Watchdog® Special CONNECT® is America’s most popular battery backup sump pump system because it delivers great protection to prevent basement flooding, while communicating through WiFi to you and your other smart tech. This affordable, backup system has proven its dependability for decades. The combination of Basement Watchdog’s built-in monitoring and alarm features, plus the high pumping capacity of the pump, ensure that it’s ready to perform in any emergency. Pumps up to 2,600 GPH. With the purchase of the BW CONNECT® Module, text and email alerts will be sent to you automatically in case of any issue or maintenance needs.
  • Protect Your Basement from Flooding
  • Automatically starts when your existing sump pump fails
  • Senses power outages
  • Exclusive Monitoring System
  • Controller monitors power conditions and battery life
  • Sounds alarm during failure or required maintenance
  • Unique charging circuit limits the battery from overcharging
  • Remote Notification - now able to communicate with an
  • Auto Dialer, Home Security System or other device
  • Backup Sump Pump
  • Empties the sump pit after a malfunction, outage or excess water
  • Pumps 2600 gallons-per-hour @ 0’ lift (or 1850 GPH @ 10’)
  • Switches to 12-volt DC battery power when AC power fails
  • 1.6-Amp Battery Charger
  • Now AGM Battery Compatible
  • Recharges battery when power is restored
  • Dual Float Switch
  • Added redundancy for protection and piece of mind
  • Only needs to move 1/4" to activate the pump
  • USB Port For Connection to Watchdog / Pro Series Wifi Module
  • Allows for advanced notification and system status
  • Requires Watchdog / Pro Series Wifi Module (Sold Separately)


specs product image PID-1854
12 Volt DC
Running Amps
Battery Included
Starting Amps
Housing Material
Impeller Material
Handles Solids
Float Type
Vertical Float
GPH @ 0 feet
GPH @ 10 feet
Check Valve Included
Battery Recharger
1.6 Amps
10 Pounds
Made in USA
Consumer Warranty
2 Years


Basement Watchdog BWSP Reviews & Ratings

Product Q&A

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Product Questions Answered by Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
I've owned and used Basement Watchdog battery backup systems for a long time and they have always performed very well for me but I see all these new systems with notification, self-testing and other nice features that would be great to have in a lower cost system. Will they ever improve or upgrade this system?
Simon F 
from Wisconsin 
November 14, 2014
Which is better, a battery back-up system or a water back-up system?
Linda L 
from Kentucky 
February 06, 2014
Looking down the road, if and when the pump fails / wears out, would I be able to replace it or do I need to replace the entire unit? Hence, would I be able to use the power inverter or controller with other pumps? Thanks.
from Illinois 
January 22, 2014
The sump pump is in small room in the basement with poor ventilation. This system has a battery with a charger. Doesn't charging the battery release gases? Are those gases harmful when inhaled?
from Colorado 
February 05, 2013
Hi Jim, I am looking for a battery only sump pump that will pump 1500gph and I see the watchdog. I am looking to use this with battery only because power is not available for this project. I want to connect two batteries in parallel to give me more amperage. I am going to tie solar panels for charging purposes. My question is will it run if AC voltage is not there or will it turn on and off as water come in and raises the float? Thanks
Kenneth Arnett 
from Mississippi 
August 16, 2012
Hi Jim, can I use the Basement Watchdog BWSP - Special Backup Sump Pump (1730 GPH @ 10') with a pedistal pump? I have considered the submeriable main sump pumps, but I like the ability to control the float on/off more with the pedistals for longer run times. Thanks!
from Michigan 
August 12, 2012
I have a customer who wants to install a Sump Pump w/ Battery Back-up in an open stairwell. The battery and controller will be approximately 14' away inside the residence. Can I cut the control cable and splice the same gage wire to the inside location? Or will I new a heavier gage because of DC voltage?
from Maryland 
April 23, 2012
Is the PeakFlow 12v maintenance free deep cycle 120ah AGM battery compatible with the WatchDog BW4000 pump system and charger ? Will it last 7.5hrs in continuous mode like the battery sold with the kit? What is the shelf life if used 2x a year intermittently for 1hr. for
from Michigan 
March 12, 2012
If the backup pump is activated due to heavy water flow (to help the main pump) and the AC power stays on, will the system keep charging the battery to allow the backup pump to keep running indefinitely?
Scott Mueller 
from Connecticut 
January 24, 2012
will the watchdog special backup pump work with an existing sump pump? A few years ago we tried to add a battery backup and it wouldn't work with our current pump. So all I need to buy is the battery backup and install to my current sump pump? Thank you, Shari
from Ohio 
December 06, 2011
How can I tell how much GPH I need to go with my battery back up? How can I tell when my sump pump needs replacing?
from Ohio 
March 05, 2011
what parts do i need to install the watchdog 1730 dachuo sump pump
from Indiana 
March 04, 2011
Do I need to leave my battery backup system charging at all times?
Patrick Mcclone 
from Wisconsin 
January 03, 2011
If I buy a Basement Watchdog pump do I need a Basement Watchdog battery?
from Illinois 
January 03, 2011
Why doesn't this model come with a battery?
from Illinois 
December 29, 2010

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Basement Watchdog BWSP - Special CONNECT® Backup Sump Pump (1850 GPH @ 10')
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
Basement Watchdog BWSP
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