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Basement Watchdog Backup Battery + Battery Acid

Basement Watchdog Sump Pumps and Accessories
(Based on expert analysis, manufacturer ratings and customer reviews)
3.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 5
8 Reviews
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Back-Up Standby Battery & Acid
Battery acid packaged in separate special container
Designed to be drained and recharged
Lasts longer and performs better than automotive batteries

Unique Construction
Runs sump pumps longer (more hours per charge)
Extends battery life (normally 5-7 years)

Extended Run Time
Runs Special (BWSP) and Big Dog (BWD12120C) for 7.5 hours
Runs Emergency (BWE) Pump for 12 hours

Special Cap
Holds the battery fluid sensor at the correct height
Helps reduce risk of failure (80% of failures due to low water)

Important Restrictions
Battery acid considered a Hazmat material
Acid CANNOT be shipped via UPS Ground
Battery and battery acid ship together via semi-truck

30HDC140S Battery

67 Pounds
Consumer Warranty
1 Year
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  9 Questions
Q: Was interested in purchasing Basement Watchdog Battery Backup system, but sump is next to gas furnace and gas water heater. Would
like to use AGM or other sealed battery but am
getting conflicting information as to compatibility
with Basement Watchdog system. What's the
real truth here?

by Ken V from Illinois on April 28, 2013

A: All I can tell you is what is listed in the instruction manual. That reads:

• The use of automotive batteries is NOT
recommended. Automotive batteries are not
designed for this application. They will only
run the pump for a short time and will have
a shorter life than a standby battery.
• NEVER use a maintenance-free or sealed
battery with this system
• The battery fluid sensor is designed to fit
the Basement Watchdog Standby batteries.
Measuring the battery fluid is one of the
most important features of the system; since
about 80% of backup sump pump failures
are the result of a battery that has dried out.
• The internal construction of some wet cell
batteries may not be compatible with this
system. The use of a Basement Watchdog 7.5
Hour battery is HIGHLY recommended.

While I have heard of some customers in fact connecting maintenance free batteries to the system, I am unaware of how they made that connection without getting any alarm issues on the system controller. You are welcome to call Basement Watchdog tech support at 800-991-0466 to get their take on this issue. They are a great bunch of people and will not lead you astray.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: The Basement Watchdog Backup Battery and Battery Acid kit. What is the Battery model number associated with this kit. I currently have in operation the Basement Watchdog Big Dog; model BWD12-120C along with battery model # 30HDC140S. I want a second battery to be added to mode BWD12-120C to achieve double the hour capacity....
by Louis Acampora from New Jersey on October 28, 2012

A: This kit does incude the Basement Watchdog battery model 30HDC140S and the 6 quart box of battery acid.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: My Watchdog sump pump battery got me through one of the worst storms in the past decade. But now the battery is dead. Can I just change the acid and have it recharged or do I have to get a new battery. Battery is 8 months old.
by Chaunce from Maryland on February 24, 2012

A: It's possible that you may need to refill the cells in your battery. Over time, the acid will tend to evaporate due to chemical reactions taking place within the battery in order to provide the power you need and the acid levels in the cells will need to be replenished with distilled water. YOU ONLY ADD ACID TO YOUR BATTERY ONCE, UPON THE INITIAL INSTALLATION. As a general rule, sump pump manufacturers do recommend that all pumps, float switches and batteries (when applicable) be inspected every 3-4 months to insure that they are operating correctly, clean and free of any debris that may impede their operation and that batteries terminals are clean and cells are filled to the proper levels and charging properly.
If, after inspecting your battery, you determine that the cells are filled to the "Fill" line, you may want to take it to a battery store or auto/marine battery supplier to have it checked. You may also want to contact the manufacturer of the battery if all else fails. If you have a Basement Watchdog battery, you can call them at 800-991-0466.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: how does this battary last? five years or 10 years?
by Richard from Michigan on January 03, 2012

A: The normal life is 5-7 years. Of course that is also dependant on the number of cycles and that the proper maintenance is performed, i.e. cheking and filling the battery cells as needed and keeping the battery connections clean.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: Hello! Can you suggest a marine/sealed battery for my basement watchdog special? I know that the little water sensor won't work but have heard there is a way to hook the sensor up to a terminal to quiet it.
Are there different size batteries?

by Linda Sybrant from Illinois on July 24, 2011

A: Per the instructions from Basement Watchdog, DO NOT use a maintenance-free or a sealed battery. They are made of different materials and will trigger a false “Battery problem” alarm. If you would like to shop around for a marine battery, the Basement Watchdog model 30HDC140S, 7.5 hour battery would be the equivalent to a 700 CCA (cold cranking amps) rated marine battery. In order for it to work properly, you must attach the sensor to the POSITIVE (+) post of the battery or the alarm will sound continuously. The Basement Watchdog
Special Sump Pump System will not warn you if the fluid level is low in this
configuration. You will need to check your battery every couple of months to see if it needs water. If the battery dries out, the system will not work.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: Jim,
I have two of these batteries filled with acid. Can I use my car battery charger to keep the second one charged?

by Keith from Illinois on July 24, 2011

A: Yes, you can use any automotive charger to charge to the Basement Watchdog batteries as long as they are not connected to our controllers.
by Jim, Product Expert
Q: How do I hook this up to my esisting sump pump - Does it simply self-activate if the power goes out in my house? - thanks
by Michael Barnett from Georgia on March 05, 2011

A: These batteries are designed to work with the Basement Watchdog Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems. Those systems do include a control box that controls the pump in the event of a power failure and also monitors and keeps the battery charged. For more information on the systems mentioned, go to

by Jim, Product Expert
Q: If I buy a Basement Watchdog pump do I need a Basement Watchdog battery?
by Karen from Illinois on January 03, 2011

A: You can use any deep cycle marine battery, as long as it is not maintenance-free. However, there are several advantages to using a Basement Watchdog battery. The Watchdog battery accommodates the system’s fluid sensor which will sound an alarm when the battery needs water…a very important feature, since a dry battery will not perform. In addition, Basement Watchdog batteries run longer per charge, and last years longer. A typical marine battery will last 2-4 years, while the Watchdog battery will last approximately 5-7 years. Basement Watchdog batteries are shipped dry (without acid) so they stay fresh on the shelf indefinitely, while wet batteries have a short shelf life.

Update 11/16/15: Basement Watchdog has changed this requirement around 2013 and their backup systems will now accept maintenance free batteries. Please refer to their updated installation manual for instructions on the proper method for this battery installation.

by Jim, Product Expert
Q: Jim: The charging and charged lights are both on at the same time on my charger. Where do I start?
by Tom from Michigan on December 30, 2010

A: For advanced troubleshooting on Basement Watchdog Systems, try contacting them directly at (800) 991-0466
by Jim, Product Expert
Basement Watchdog SPD-WDBATTERYACID Reviews & Ratings
Overall Rating
3.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 53.9 out of 5
Durable (2)
Easy To Store (1)
Exceeded Expectations (1)
High Quality (1)
Reliable (1)
Expensive (3)
Durability (1)
Heavy (1)
Low Quality (1)
Bad Instructions (1)
50% of respondents would recommend this product to a friend
8 Reviews  Sort by 
Charles B.
Purchased from Sump Pumps Direct
Purchased 12/8/16
Most Helpful Positive Review
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Good Experience
The system was easy to install and appears to be robustly designed and assembled. The instructions were not totally clear, however, since they amount to a package containing the instructions for the main pump, and the instructions for the battery backup, and rely on the installer (me in this case) to figure out which elements of the instructions can be omitted when the assembly is purchased as a unit.

One reason that I only provide 4 stars on value is that the battery acid package seems... more
Pros: Durable, Reliable, High Quality
Cons: Expensive, Bad Instructions
Charles Recommends This Basement Watchdog Product
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your review and feedback of our product. Sorry to hear you feel the instructions were not clear. We update our manuals on a regular basis and I will be sure to pass your feedback on to the appropriate people. If you have ever have any questions about your system or need clarification on something please contact our Service team at 800-991-0466 option 3. We are here to help and available from 9am-5pm Monday through Friday Central time.

Happy New Year!
Charles's Experience With Sump Pumps Direct
Web Site


"Initially the acid package that needs to come with the battery did not arrive. This was not the vendor's problem but a mixup by the shipper. The vendor replied immediately to my inquiry regarding this error, with personal attention (not a canned response) and immediately sent a second shipment without any quibbling or delay. This was most gratifying."
Was this review helpful?
Shelby Township, MI
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
Total Helpful Votes
20 Helpful Votes
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Check Your Batteries
We had 7 out of the 24 units installed have their batteries fail. We use this system in all 3 of our complexes. I am not sure if its a battery issue or the system charger, but it needs to be looked into. All batteries were covered under warranty, no hassles there. This is the best back up system we have used and in our professional opinion the best on the market, by far. All the components are quality, and it is very easy to install for a professional .

There are just a few tricks of the... more
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your review. We are very appreciative of you using our products in for your tenants. As Jim states, it is really rare to have to change out batteries so often. We recommend before switching out the batteries we would recommend that you have them tested on load. The batteries may not have been bad at all but in need of maintenance. Please give us a call directly if you need further assistance at 800-991-0466 Ext. 3 for technical support.
Was this review helpful?
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Battery Didn't Last Long
Watchdog Battery model (with acid in box) only lasted 18 months. Battery in plastic case and checked every week. Impressed until now and that replacement batteries are $250!
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your review. For the future, Please know that before replacing one of our batteries we do recommend that you have it professionally tested on load at a local service station or auto part store. Those testing instructions can be given to you over the phone or emailed to you if you contact us directly. Also, we do provide a one year free replacement warranty and a prorated warranty for up to 2 years. We are willing to help out our customers in any way that we can. If, in the future, you need this information or just need to reach us directly you can contact us at 800-991-0466 Ext.3 for technical support.
Was this review helpful?
Jim S.
Carmel, IN
Purchased from Sump Pumps Direct
Purchased 1/25/15
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
4 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 54 out of 5
Hmmm, A Semi
I ordered this product to use with a backup sump pump system.

It has the features needed for longevity and durability that I was looking for. Because of the acid, it was literally delivered on a semi truck to my house.

I thought that to be comical, but I understand the hazardous caution. It was the only merchandise on the truck.

Unfortunately, I was at Lowe's a week later and found the same battery and battery acid combo for half the price. Buyer beware.
Pros: Durable, Features, Exceeded Expectations, Easy To Store
Cons: Expensive
Jim Recommends This Basement Watchdog Product
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your consideration of our products. We appreciate your feedback.
Was this review helpful?
Raymond Smith
Winslow, ME
Total Reviews
2 Reviews
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Great Product
The battery alerts you if it needs service before a failure.

Plus, the battery is fresh when you install it -- not when it was manufactured. It is fantastic that you can replace the Battery Acid if need be.
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your review. We are happy that you like the fact that the life span of the battery doesn't start until acid is added to it. We also think that's a great benefit. Please note that you should only add acid upon first filling the battery. For preventative maintenance you should check the battery about every 4-6 months and add distilled water only to have the levels come about an inch from the top of each cell. (Remember all cells are separate) If you need further assistance please contact us at 800-991-0466 Ext. 3
Was this review helpful?
Apalachin, NY
Purchased from Sump Pumps Direct
Purchased 5/3/11
Total Reviews
3 Reviews
5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
First Usage
I purchased my pump kit after a wet spring ,vowing to stop getting water in my basement. I never needed it this summer,but when hurricane Irene hit in august, I was impressed! This little system is a monster at getting rid of water. I couldn't be more happy. I have done away with 90% of my wet basement problems. I hope the quality is as good as it looks. I'm putting it to the test as we speak. I would like to write in again after hurricane season.Please keep this pump package on your shelves,as... more
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
Thank you for your review and eagerness to promote our products. We are glad that we were able to assist you in your time of need. We really appreciate your business.
Was this review helpful?
Southgate F.
Lake Mills, WI
Purchased from Sump Pumps Direct
Purchased 11/21/14
3 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 53 out of 5
The battery works great but your customer service is horrible. I paid for same day shipping and you didn't do that plus you kept my $50 that I paid for it.

The woman I talked to about my shipment not being on time was very rude! The next time I need a battery I will shop somewhere else. I will put a bad review on amazon as well.

I have already talked to the contractors that I know and let them know that they should shop somewhere else for sump pumps. One contractor has already... more
Southgate Does Not Recommend This Product
Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
Product Expert
We refunded your $50 yesterday, and left you a voice message to notify you. We're very sorry to hear how upsetting this has been for you.

Unfortunately, you placed your order past 4pm EST (3pm CST), which is past the cutoff for that day's rush order processing according to the terms listed on our site. We're sorry you had such a hard time.
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
We are sorry for your experience and we thank you for your review. PED is a great company and we assure you that they will do all they can to help.
Was this review helpful?
Holland, PA
1 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 51 out of 5
Watch Dog
Lasted only 1.5 years. Not a good value. Cost me around $150.00. I have had car batteries last three plus years.
Cons: Low Quality, Heavy, Durability, Expensive
T Does Not Recommend This Product
Manufacturer Response
Brand Rep
We apologize that you experienced an issue with our battery. Typically these batteries should last an average of 4-7 years. Please contact our service team at 1-800-991-0466 option 3, at your earliest convenience so we can resolve this for you right away.
Was this review helpful?
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