Why Barnes Pumps Are the Best

Why Barnes Pumps Are the Best

Introducing Barnes Sump Pumps

Barnes manufactures professional-grade, highly-engineered pumps, designed to last through years of rigorous operation. 



Founded in 1895, Barnes is one of the oldest and most enduring pump companies in America. Built on the premise that quality is not a compromise, Barnes has engineered breakthroughs in the industrial and municipal markets and applied them to residential products trusted and enjoyed by homeowners across North America.


Sure, any sump pump may work for a little while, but if you want peace-of-mind and long-lasting operations, choose the Barnes SP series sump pumps. The Barnes SP33 comes standard with a Cast Iron Impeller for rugged durability, a PSC motor for quieter and more efficient operation, and heavy-duty upper and lower stainless steel ball bearings for stabilization and longer life. Protect your investment and get the most out of your money. Get a Barnes!


Primary Sump PumpsBarnes Primary Sump Pump


1/3 HP Sump Pump

If your basement floods, you're going to want to be prepared. What better place to start than our best-selling product and most commonly purchased pump size?

Barnes' 1/3 HP sump pumps will handle any light-duty applications with ease.

With a thermally protected, energy-efficient, and a robust design that helps increase each pump's lifespan, these 1/3 HP models will easily handle almost any task in average-sized homes. Barnes' 1/3 HP models have a total head lift of up to 30 feet and can disperse as much as 3,000 gallons per hour. If you're looking for a durable, professional, and well-engineered sump pump, Barnes' 1/3 HP models are truly one of a kind.


1/2 HP Sump Pump

When you notice a loss of water flow due to increased friction from a higher vertical lift or horizontal run, it may be time to consider a sump pump with higher horsepower. Barnes' 1/2 HP sump pumps generate 25% more water than their 1/3 HP pumps, making these models ideal for homes with above-average water tables as well as spaces with higher and longer runs.

Like their other sump pumps, Barnes' 1/2 HP models are rugged, heavy-duty, designed for residential and light commercial applications, and assure maximum protection against pump failure. When it comes to Barnes products, quality is never a compromise, and you can rest assured that no compromises are made on Barnes' 1/2 HP models.


3/4 HP Sump Pump

Have a deeper than average basement? Live in an area with high water tables, floodplains, or low-lying areas?

Regardless, if you live in an area more susceptible to flooding, there is one rule: the more horsepower, the better.

Barnes' 3/4 HP models:

  • Generate 20% more water than their 1/2 HP counterparts
  • Disperse almost 40% more water than their 1/3 HP models
  • Have a total head lift of 33 feet
  • Pump 4,800 gallons per minute
  • Can pump up to 250 feet horizontally


Submersible Non-Clog Sewage Pumps


.4 HP Sewage Pump

Let's face it: no one ever wants to spend time thinking about sewage on their property, but the reality is, sometimes it's necessary.

Barnes' 4/10 HP sewage pumps are designed for sewage removal in residential and light commercial applications and help to prevent corrosion in harsh sewage applications.

Like all of Barnes' sewage sump pumps, their .4 HP models assure maximum protection against pump failure and are made in stainless steel with a dynamically balanced design.


1/2 HP Sewage Pump

Barnes' 1/2 HP sewage models are oil-filled, thermally protected, have an energy-efficient design, and only draw 12.6 FLA. They can disperse up to 6,600 gallons per hour, and their pipe-mounted design in cast iron allows for easier servicing.


1 HP Sewage Pump

Like their other sewage pumps, Barnes' 1 HP models are designed for sewage removal in residential and light commercial applications. They require a float switch or control panel for automatic operation and come with a 2-year limited warranty. These models offer a total head lift of 53 feet and can disperse up to 8,400 gallons per hour. 


1.5 HP Sewage Pump

Need more horsepower? No problem. Like their 1 HP models, Barnes' 1-1/2 HP High-Volume Cast Iron Sewage Pump is non-automatic and requires a float switch or control panel for automatic operation. This model can disperse up to 9,480 gallons per hour and has a total head lift of 65 feet.


2 HP Sewage Pump

Barnes' 2 HP Cast Iron High-Volume Sewage Pump has the highest level of horsepower of all of their models and is best suited for homes with deep basements or homes in areas with high water tables, floodplains, and low-lying areas. As is true with all pumps, the more horsepower, the better - especially when your home is more susceptible to flooding. 

With a 75-foot total head lift and a capacity of 9,900 gallons per hour, if flooding is a concern in your area, Barnes' 2 HP model might be your best option.


Grinder Sewage Pumps

If you're having trouble with your sewage pump clogging, a grinder pump may be exactly what you're looking for. Barnes' grinder pumps are an excellent choice for commercial, residential, and industrial wastewater environments.

Grinder models come in two varieties: automatic and non-automatic. While both models offer up to 1,080 gallons per hour and have total head lifts of 220 feet, the non-automatic grinder pump requires a control box or float switch for automatic operation -  the most significant distinction between the two products.

Barnes' grinder pumps provide tighter tolerances and better cutting of tough objects with a radial cutter that eliminates clogging with over 400,000 slices per minute. Both models are available only with 1 HP engines, and as with all Barnes sump pumps, come with 2-year limited warranties.


Effluent Pumps

Effluent pumps are primarily used to pump out gray water - including laundry water, septic fluids, or other wastewater - from a septic tank to a leach field. Barnes offers effluent pumps in both 1/2 HP and 3/4 HP varieties.


1/2 HP Effluent Pump

Barnes' 1/2 HP effluent sump pumps are ideal for residential effluent applications and average-sized basements. With a 45-foot head lift and capacity of 2880 gallons per hour, this model's multi-vane, cast iron vortex impeller allows for easy-passage of spherical solids up to 3/4" and its pipe-mounted design allows for easier servicing.


3/4 HP Effluent Pump

Intended for homes with deeper basements or areas more prone to flooding, Barnes' 3/4 HP model is non-automatic and requires a float switch or controller for automatic operation. This model can disperse up to 5400 gallons per hour and has a total head lift of 31 feet. The 3/4 HP model is thermally protected, has an energy-efficient design, and only draws 4.3 FLA.


Backup Sump Pump Systems

No one likes power outages and mechanical failures - especially when your basement is prone to flooding.

Barnes' battery backup sump pump system provides added protection during power outages and high water events. As the system operates independently from the primary sump pump, it starts automatically when the existing sump pump fails.

The system consists of smart charging technology for maximum battery efficiency, notifies users when water needs to be added to the battery, and an alarm will sound if high water occurs when the pump is running.


Complete Sewage Systems

Barnes' sewage pump systems are intended for sewage removal in residential and light commercial applications.

Available in 1/2 HP and .4 HP, these systems' pre-assembled designs reduce labor cost and installation time.

Additionally, their enamel coated cast iron construction helps to prevent corrosion in harsh sewage applications.


Complete Laundry Systems

Looking to disperse some of that gray wastewater? Barnes' laundry tray pump systems are designed for waste-water removal in a variety of locations.

Both of Barnes' laundry systems come in 1/3 HP and have 1-1/2" inlets and discharges that make them easy to connect to your current plumbing system.

Recommended for residential laundry sinks, wet bars, and other remote locations, Barnes' laundry systems get the job done and will prove to be worth your while.


The Barnes Oil Sensor Switch

Elevator shafts and transformer vaults in commercial buildings can flood just as quickly as basements with added dangers such as hydraulic and oil leaks. Although flooding may not be top of mind, it's always best to be prepared.

Barnes' high water and oil switches are designed to supply pump control and alarm notification of likely dangerous water and oil levels in simplex pumping applications.

These products feature an innovative switch that detects the difference between oil and water in order to remove water from the tank.


Pumps Ready for Anything

You have many options when it comes to protecting your basement and fending off the flood, and choosing the brand and product that's best for you can be overwhelming. That's where Barnes comes in.

With Barnes' reliable, high-quality, innovative sump pumps and other residential products, you know you're making the most of your money and doing what's best for protecting your home.


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