The Best Sewage Pumps of 2024

The Best Sewage Pumps of 2024

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Sewage Pumps

Sewage pumps aren't the most alluring products, but they're important - especially for basement bathrooms and any application that involves, well... solids and sewage. After decades in the pump industry, I’ve made these selections for the Best Sewage Pumps of 2024 based on my own experience, our best-selling, highest-rated models, and customer feedback from people just like you.

Spend some time reading through my picks and check out my process for selecting them below. Don't forget to click on the pumps to view the product page with more features, specs, reviews, and other great resources.


The Best Sewage Pumps 

Best Grinder Pump Best Effluent Pump Best Macerator Pump

Liberty Pumps PRG101A

Liberty Pumps PRG101A - 1 HP 

Liberty Pumps FL51A

Liberty Pumps FL51A - 1/2 HP

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW - 1/2 HP

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW - 1/2 HP 


Best Grinder Pump: Liberty Pumps PRG101A - 1 HP 

Liberty Pumps PRG101A - 1 HP Grinder Pump

When you need a grinder pump, nothing quite packs a punch like the PRG101A - 1 HP ProVore® Residential Grinder Pump with a 2-inch discharge. It will work in any residential grinder application and can pump 2,700 gallons per hour at a 5-foot lift, which is one reason why it makes our first choice. You also have the option to run it at the standard 115 volts or 230 volts with 20-amp circuits.

It is built with an epoxy-coated cast iron frame to handle the toughest applications reliably, year after year. This pump is tough, using Liberty Pumps' V-Slice® cutter technology (440 stainless steel) on its 2-vane cast iron impeller blades to provide superior shredding capabilities over radial cutters. It will easily shred through difficult solids like feminine products, rags, towels, and wipes that could otherwise burn out lesser pumps or cause clogs deep in the pipe.

And speaking of reliability, this pump features a 1 HP motor that won't quit when things heat up - literally. The rugged, thermally-protected motor is hermetically sealed and permanently lubricated - no maintenance is required. The frame also includes a non-corrosive stainless steel rotor shaft with a unitized silicon carbon seal and fasteners that increase the pump's lifespan in any application. Another welcomed feature is its adjustable, mercury-free wide-angle piggy-back tether float switch that reliably switches on at 12-16 inches in the pit and pumps to below 6 inches of water after it cycles. It includes a manual override in case you need it. 

When it comes to convenience, the quick-disconnect 10-foot cord allows for easy cord replacement without breaking motor seals, so if the cord is ever damaged, you're not replacing the entire pump. Not that you'll have to anytime soon, though, because this pump also comes with a 3-year limited warranty to protect your investment. Overall, this pump delivers consistently high performance and is built to last.


Spec Details Rating

Epoxy-coated cast iron frame; stainless steel rotor shaft and unitized silicon carbon seal; corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners and permanently lubricated; clog-resistant design. 

5 Stars
Float Switch Design Adjustable, vertical, mercury-free wide-angle piggy-back tether float switch. 5 Stars
Reliability Thermally-protected motor; can pass virtually any 2-inch solids; cord can be replaced separately; manual override. 5 Stars
Overall Value A time-tested pump at a great price. Can't beat the value. 5 Stars



Who It's For:

  • Those needing a heavy-duty grinder pump for residential/light commercial use
  • Businesses or municipalities that offer public restrooms
  • Those who want to ensure any flushed items are shredded to prevent clogs


Who It's Not For:

  • Not for any application pumping to a septic system
  • Not for any flood control applications
  • Homeowners that need a basic sewage pump


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Best Effluent Pump: Liberty Pumps FL51A - 1/2 HPLiberty Pumps FL51A - 1/2 HP

Effluent pumps don't often get the credit they deserve for ceaselessly pumping greywater that often contains unidentifiable partial solids. Although effluent pumps aren't primarily designed to shred anything that flows through the pipes, the FL51A cast iron effluent pump from Liberty Pumps was built for effluent septic systems as well as dewatering and sump applications - and it was designed tough to provide years of reliable performance. Its semi-open cast iron impeller minimizes clogging and passes spherical solids up to 3/4 inches. 

Built with high-capacity movement in mind, this effluent pump has a 1/2 HP thermally protected motor built with a heavy-duty epoxy powder-coated cast iron frame and a stainless steel rotor shaft with a unitized carbon/ceramic seal. Never worry about maintenance with the permanently lubricated bearings and non-corrosive fasteners. It also has a 2-inch discharge that allows the pump to pass over 5,280 gallons per hour at a 5-foot lift. This pump can also pump up to 55 feet of head and will pump 4,200 GPH at a 20-foot lift.

The FL51A also has several conveniences that make use and replacements easy. It can replace most pumps without any plumbing changes to the existing system, and the power cord can be replaced individually, so if ever needed, the entire pump doesn't need to be replaced along with the cord. I highly recommend this effluent pump for its professional performance, reasonable price, and 3-year warranty. 


Spec Details Rating

Powder-coated cast iron frame and motor; carbon & ceramic shaft seal; clog-resistant design. 

5 Stars
Float Switch Design Adjustable, mercury-free, wide-angle vertical piggyback tether float.  5 Stars
Reliability Thermally-protected motor; Can pass 3/4-inch spherical solids; Made in the U.S.A. 5 Stars
Overall Value A time-tested pump at a good price. A great value for most effluent applications. 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Homeowners who need an effluent pump; will suit 90% of applications


Who It's Not For:

  • Those that need to shred tough solids above 3/4" that effluent pumps can't


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Best Macerating Pump: Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW - 1/2 HP Complete Toilet Macerator System

Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW - 1/2 HP Complete Toilet Macerator System

If you’re looking for a smarter solution to building a remote bathroom in locations like basements, garages, home additions, cabins, and more, the Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW - a 1/2 HP complete toilet macerator system - offers an all-in-one solution for installing a toilet anywhere it can fit. It was designed to be versatile, comfortable, and convenient. 


This Liberty macerating toilet system can pump wastewater up to a 25-foot lift and 150 feet horizontally and also accepts additional tub/shower/sink connections for a complete bathroom solution. It also allows vertical and horizontal pipe connections if needed. This system uses patented RazorCut™ technology and quiet stainless steel blades that provide excellent cutting and begin to work before debris enters the cutter basket. Intelligent solid-state switch technology eliminates the need for a mechanical float switch and has an easy-to-read LED display to indicate power, an alarm, and a low battery.


This system has a 9V battery backup to allow simple operation during power outages and an elongated ADA-compliant toilet seat for better comfort, ease of use, and peace of mind. The kit includes a CleanConnect™ Seal that doesn't use accordion-style couplers or hose clamps to provide a clean, professional installation. It also has a removable access cover and a cord management system to make installation even better.


Overall, I think this macerating toilet system is the best solution to installing a toilet or entire bathroom system virtually anywhere. It's designed to work hard, work well, and look good.


Spec Details Rating

Heavy-duty porcelain toilet with thick rubber gaskets; stainless steel macerating blades. Also has many discharge/vent connection possibilities.

5 Stars
Float Switch Design The sensor-based solid-state switch design eliminates the need for a float switch. 5 Stars
Reliability 1/2 HP pump; All connections can be covered and accessed for any maintenance needs. 5 Stars
Overall Value A complete remote bathroom solution out-of-the-box. Can't beat the value. 5 Stars


Who It's For:

  • Those who want to install a remote bathroom in virtually any location
  • Homeowners who want to add a toilet to an addition, garage, barn, cabin, etc.


Who It's Not For:

  • Not for any application pumping to a septic system
  • Those who want to install bathroom components separately


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How We Picked the Best Sewage Pumps

When recommending sewage and effluent pumps, we take four features into account.


Construction Material

We start with what it’s made of and look at the materials used for the pump housing, base, impeller blade, and other components. Does it have the corrosion resistance of thermoplastic, cast iron's solid build, or aluminum or zinc's cooling nature? Sump basins and sewage pump locations are never glamorous. We must ensure the pump can handle the acidity, grime, solids, and heat it will encounter whenever it is working.


Float Switch Design

The float switch is critical to any pump system because it decides when to eject the water. Although simple on the surface, float switches have nuances that we evaluate. For example, some can activate the pump using a magnetic field, while others are purely mechanical. Magnetic ones are more reliable because they are less likely to get stuck or fail. Some float switches are adjustable, meaning you can decide how high the water gets before the pump activates, while others are not.



Since sewage pumps are exposed to harsh conditions, we check what safeguards are in place to protect your investment. Besides construction, we consider anti-corrosion features and how well the system can handle the heat generated by an active motor when working through solids. The pump must also handle [most] other solids that inevitably enter the system. Restaurant and bar owners know this matters more than other factors. A rugged impeller and superior solids handling capability are critical for our recommendations. Finally, we rate pumps made in the U.S.A. higher due to better quality standards.


Overall Value

We prioritize performance over price, so you won’t necessarily find the cheapest sewage pumps on our list. That's why, instead of evaluating a pump on price alone, we look at what you're getting for the price to arrive at an overall value rating. 


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Sewage/Effluent Pump FAQs 

What are the Main Differences Between Sewage, Effluent, and Grinder Pumps?

These pumps are subcategories of sewage pumps and can all be used to pump raw sewage and greywater. The main differences between these sewage pumps relate to the type and size of the discharge and solids they can handle. All grinder pumps are sewage pumps, but not all sewage pumps are grinder pumps. 


Think of effluent pumps as the standard for typical residential applications in bathrooms at home. Effluent pumps handle greywater applications and are lighter-duty when compared to grinder pumps. Effluent pumps are limited in which solids they can pass along and are not designed for grinding and shredding solid waste as a grinder pump can.


Grinder pumps are built to be commercial-grade, heavier-duty pumps designed to pump sewage faster and better, pumping and shredding solids. Grinder pumps are much tougher, heavier-duty, and generally move lower capacities of greywater. 


When is a Grinder Pump Necessary?

A grinder pump is used when your needs exceed typical single-family residential sewage applications, or as extra protection from clogging or backups when items are flushed that shouldn't be. They are also recommended in all commercial applications where restrooms are available to the general public. 


Anybody working in commercial and municipal buildings, the food and hospitality industries, and other businesses knows too well that when bathrooms are open to the public, items that shouldn't be flushed often do get flushed. This includes government buildings, sporting event centers, museums, schools, restaurants, bars, and any place where people can use public toilets. 


To prevent damage to pump systems or backups that can cause water damage or worse, grinder pumps are used to shred virtually anything that can fit down a toilet, including items like socks, underwear, rags, feminine products, and more. Using a grinder pump in these applications helps prevent clogs, backups, and other damages.



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