The Best Sewage Ejector Pumps of 2021

The Best Sewage Ejector Pumps of 2021

Top-Rated & Best-Selling Sewage Pumps

Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
Sump Pump Expert

Sewage pumps aren't the most alluring products to think about, but they're important, especially for basement bathrooms or any application far removed from the drainline. That's why we put together the Best Sewage Pumps of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect type for your needs. 


If you're not sure what kind of sewage or ejector pump you need, check out our Sewage Pump Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation. 


Best Sewage Pumps List

You can scroll through the full recommended list of waste water pumps, including grinder and effluent models, below, or simply click on the one you want to see right away.

Best Sewage Pump

Learn More About Zoeller 267-0001
Expert Review
Model M267 from Zoeller gets our sewage pump recommendation. This pump is a beast and weighs in at almost 50 pounds. Zoeller builds high-quality pumps and this pump is true to form. The M267 is a heavy-duty pump from top to bottom. Cast iron construction for the vital parts, such as motor housing, base, and volume are essential if you want a pump to last for a long time. Combine that with stainless steel fasteners and components, and it's clear that Zoeller knows how to build pumps. The non-clogging vortex impeller allows this pump to pass solids with ease. With an oil-filled, thermally protected motor, this pump can handle almost anything. Zoeller gives this pump a powder coated epoxy finish that prevents corrosion. This is extremely beneficial in conditions such as a sewage basin. All of their pumps are pressure tested before they leave the factory. It provides a piece of mind that they stand behind their pumps. We give Zoeller model M267 our "Best" recommendation and it lives up to the hype.
Automatic Submersible Sewage / Ejector Pump
  • Ideal for average to above average sewage removal
Durable Cast Iron Design
  • Switch case, base, motor & pump housing
No Sheet Metal Parts To Rust Or Corrode
  • Stainless steel screws, guard, handle, arm and seal assembly
Thermally Protected Motor
  • Oil-filled and hermetically sealed to prevent overheating
Non-Clogging Vortex Plastic Impeller Design
  • Capable of passing 2" spherical solids

Best Residential Grinder Pump

Learn More About Liberty Pumps PRG101A
Expert Review
Don't let the size and HP rating of this pump fool you. It will handle high (50+' Max) and long discharge runs and will grind up and spit out just about anything you "throw" at it. The cast iron, 2-vane impeller and V-Slice® Cutter Technology cutting blades that will grind just about anything to a pulp. And with its stainless steel rotor shaft wtih unitized silicon carbon ceal, this pump will operate for years without ever needing any replacement. With this kind of quality and a 3-year warranty, the Liberty PRG1010A, 1HP Grinder Pump earns our recommendation.
Automatic Submersible Cast Iron ProVore® Grinder Pump (115V)
  • 2-Inch Discharge designed for residential sewage applications
Epoxy Powder Coated Cast Iron Construction
  • Designed to provide years of reliable performance
Adjustable, Mercury-Free, Wide Angle Tether Float Switch
  • Provides relialbe automatic operation in residential sump pits
Rugged & Thermally Protected 1 HP Motor
  • Hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated design
V-Slice® Cutter Technology (440 Stainless Steel)
  • Provides improved shredding performance over radial cutters

Best Effluent Pump

Learn More About Zoeller 137-0002
Expert Review
For those of you that want a high-quality pump that is built right here in the U.S.A., this is the pump. Zoeller pumps are built in Louisville, Kentucky, home of The Kentucky Derby, Muhammad Ali and the Louisville Slugger Museum. Zoeller is known worldwide by contractors as the go-to pump. This pump is housed in an all cast iron body with stainless steel screws, guard, handle, arm and seal assembly. The non-clogging vortex impeller passes 5/8" spherical solids with no screens to clog. With a pumping capacity of 75GPM at a 10 head, this pump will move a very good amount of water.
  • Oil-filled & hermetically sealed to prevent overheating w/ auto-reset
  • 1/2 HP Thermally Protected Motor (1750 RPM)
      Durable Cast Iron Construction (Pump Housing, Base & Impeller)
      • Corrosion-resistant powder coated epoxy finish
      Non-Clogging Vortex Impeller
      • Passes 5/8" spherical solids - No screens to clog
      Carbon/Ceramic Shaft Seal & Upper/Lower Sleeve Bearings
        ***NON-AUTOMATIC - Requires Float Switch or Controller***


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          Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
          Sump Pump Expert
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