Best Grinder Pumps

Best Grinder Pumps

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Grinder Pumps

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Grinder Pumps are like an over-sized garbage disposal that shred and cut through debris contained in your home's wastewater. Cool right?

Protect your home and peace-of-mind by picking from the best pumps out there. This year, we’ve listed the best-selling, top-rated and expert-recommended grinder pumps to make things even easier.

Scroll through our lists below and find what you need, or learn more about grinder pumps first in our Grinder Pump Buyer's Guide.


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Top 10 Rated Grinder Pumps

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Top Grinder Pumps
Liberty Pumps LSG202A - 2 HP Omnivore® Grinder Pump w/ Piggyback Tether Float (208/230V)
Are you looking for a sewage pump that will handle just about anything that gets flushed down the toilet and WILL NOT JAM? The Liberty Pumps LSG202A - 2 HP Omnivore® Grinder Pump w/ Piggyback Tether Float (208/230V) is designed for above average size...
Liberty Pumps PRG101A - 1 HP ProVore® Residential Grinder Pump (2") w/ Piggyback Tether Float
Don't let the size and HP rating of this pump fool you. It will handle high (50+' Max) and long discharge runs and will grind up and spit out just about anything you "throw" at it. The cast iron, 2-vane impeller and V-Slice® Cutter Technology cu...
Zoeller M803 - 1/2 HP Cast Iron Residential Grinder Pump (1-1/4") w/ Vertical Float
Are you constantly having problems with your pump getting clogged with everything from paper towels to washcloths to the kitchen sink? Well, not really the kitchen sink, but this Zoeller Shark 1/2HP Cast Iron Grinder Pump will handle pretty much anyt...