The Best Sump Pumps of 2021

The Best Sump Pumps of 2021

Best-Selling & Top-Rated Sump Pumps

Jim, the Sump Pump Expert
Sump Pump Expert

The right sump pump can mean the difference between a dry home and a flooded mess, but choosing one isn't always straightforward. That's why we put together the Best Sump Pumps of 2021 based on our best-selling, highest-rated models with expert recommendations to ensure you get the perfect type for your needs. 


If you're not sure what kind of sump pump you need, check out our Sump Pump Buyer’s Guide to get started and come back to the list for an expert recommendation. 


Best Sump Pumps List

You can scroll through the full recommended list of sump pumps below, including primary, backup, and combination models, or simply click on the one you want to see right away.

Best Submersible Sump Pump

Learn More About Zoeller 53-0001
Expert Review
Tired of having to run to the Orange Giant to replace the store brand sump pump you purchased? If so, check out this pump and end the pump-runs. The M53 is well known among plumbers as the sump pump of choice for the average homeowner. Zoeller is known for their quality and dependability and this pump is a big reason for that reputation. With a Cast Iron Switch Case, Motor & Pump Housing the pump is built to last and can pump out 2680GPH at 5 Feet. The unit has a clog-free design that can pass 1/2" diameter solids. The M53 comes with a three-year warranty and a great reputation that will put your mind at ease.
Automatic Submersible Sump Pump
  • Ideal for average water removal
Cast Iron Switch Case, Motor & Pump Housing
  • Designed for rapid heat dissipation and extended life
Engineered Thermoplastic Base
  • Offers years of reliable, trouble-free operation
Thermally Protected Motor
  • Oil-filled and hermetically sealed to prevent overheating
Carbon & Ceramic Shaft Seal
  • Assures maximum protection for extended pump life

Best Pedestal Sump Pump

Learn More About Zoeller 84-0001
Expert Review
If you haven't heard of Zoeller Pumps before, you probably live in an area where sump pumps aren't needed. They have been making pumps for the last 75+ years, and if you haven't owned one, you probably know somebody who has. Zoeller is one of the largest manufacturers of pumps in the US. They stand behind their products and offer a wide selection of sump, sewage and utility pumps. This Model M84 gets our recommendation for Pedestal Pumps for a few reasons. They don't call it the Zoeller "Old Faithful" Cast Iron Pedestal Pump for nothing. The cast iron pump housing & base construction w/ PVC column minimizes corrosion in high mineral content water and the permanently lubricated upper sleeve bearing w/ lower bronze bushings offer quiet, smoother operation for extended pump life. Pedestal pumps are becoming less and less common, but there are still options out there. Try the M84 Old Faithful from Zoeller, it's the best pedestal pump we have to offer.
Zoeller "Old Faithful: Cast Iron Pedestal Pump
  • Traditional design for a reliable basement sump pump
Energy Efficient 1/2 HP SP Motor - Only Uses 7.3-Amps
  • Air-cooled, Thermal overload protection w/ Auto reset
Cast Iron Pump Housing & Base Construction w/ PVC Column
  • Minimizes corrosion in high mineral content water
Adjustable, 12" Cycle Vertical Float Switch (Factory Set @ 9")
  • Max "On" @ 16" and Min. Off @ 4"; Easily set your perfect cycle
Non-Clogging Vortex Plastic Impeller
  • Top intake design, no screens to clean or replace, passes lint

Best Cast Iron Sump Pump

Learn More About Liberty Pumps 257
Expert Review
Built in the U.S.A., this Liberty model 257 is a well-known name among plumbers and is a superior pump for the money. This cast iron pump is very efficient with 1/2 the running and starting amps of most other 1/3HP pumps in the same league and with a pumping capacity of 2700GPH at a 5-foot lift and the magnetically operated vertical float switch, this pump is one mean sucker! The 257 will handle any light duty applications with ease. Unlike many other pumps out there, this pump features a 16-gauge quick-disconnect 10-foot power cord for easy replacement if necessary and upper & lower ball bearings that allow for a smoother and cooler operating environment which translates to a longer motor life. Coupled with a 3-year warranty, this pump gets our recommendation.
Automatic Submersible Cast Iron Sump Pump
  • A "workhorse" designed for years of reliable operation
Liberty's UNI-BODY Casting w/ Epoxy Coated Powder Coat Finish
  • A solid, one-piece housing that eliminates lower motor seal
Magnetically Operated Vertical Float Switch
  • Provides automatic operation in sump pits as small as 10-inches
Rugged, Energy Efficient & Thermally Protected 1/3 HP Motor
  • Hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated design
High-Temperature, Engineered Polymer Impeller
  • Vortex style design for superior solid handling

Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

Learn More About Pro Series PHCC-2400
Expert Review
This system will blow you away for the cost and the features included. The Pro-Series PHCC-2400 Battery Back Up Sump Pump System will evacuate approximately 40 gallons per minute at a 10-foot lift! The 13-amp battery charger has the ability to charge standard & maintenance free batteries and quickly recharges the battery when power is restored. One of the great features of this system is its ability to run on 120-volt AC power when power is on. It switches to 12-volt DC battery power when AC power fails, automatically and it includes an exclusive monitoring system w/weekly self-test. This system can also alert you remotely with the separate purchase of the PHCC Pro Series Connect WiFi Module. With a 3 year warranty, it's easy to see why we recommend this product. Just don't forget the batteries. This system requires 1 or 2, 100 Amp Hour or greater batteries. This is usually going to be a Group 27 or Group 31 Deep-Cycle Marine AGM or Wet Cell Battery.
Exclusive Monitoring System w/ Weekly Self-Test
  • Indicator lights for remaining battery life (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)
Backup Sump Pump
  • Runs on 120-volt AC power when power is on
  • Switches to 12-volt DC battery power when AC power fails
13-Amp Battery Charger
  • Computer-controller monitors power conditions and battery level
  • Pumps 3900 gallons-per-hour @ 0’ lift (or 2400 GPH @ 10’ lift)
    Shuts off completely to prolong the life of the battery
    • Pro Series Dual Float Switch w/ Protective Cage
    • Added redundancy for protection and piece of mind
    • Has the ability to charge standard & maintenance free batteries
    • Quickly recharges battery when power is restored
    • Sounds alarm & flashes during failure or required maintenance
    • Empties the sump pit in seconds after a malfunction or outage

    Best Smart Sump Pump

    Learn More About Liberty Pumps 442-25A-EYE
    Expert Review
    The Liberty Pumps 442-25A-EYE Battery Backup Sump Pump System is new and not your ordinary backup system. For a small pump, this baby packs some punch and that's why it receives our recommendation. It provides plenty of power to drain your sump pit up to 7.5 continuous hours. Since your pump starts and stops, it can actually back up your pit even longer. Best of all, this kit will handle a maximum 21 feet of head on DC power and a pumping capacity of 1800GPH @ 10 feet on DC power and 2100GPH on AC power. This 442 system includes a heavy-duty fan cooled 25 amp charger that can run as a continuous power supply for the backup pump in the event of a main pump failure. The dual battery box accommodates (2) Group 27 or 31 batteries and will work with wet cell, AGM or gel-type batteries. The cloud-based, no fee NightEye® App alerts you to backup pump notification, high water level alarm, AC power loss & Blow fuse / DC pump issue in addition to also providing 12V battery charge levels and critically low battery warning. Set-up is very easy between App and alarm with BlinkUp technology The advanced notifications will alert you via text, email or push notification to up to 4 different contacts/phone #'s. It will alert you of "Low Basement Temperature" (User defined temp. setting), and also provides loss of WiFi notification just in case the connection is lost. Taking these things into consideration, you can clearly see why we really like this system.
    Liberty StormCell® High-Output (25A) Battery Backup Sump Pump System w/ NightEye®
    • All new design provides one of the most advanced pump systems available today
    Wi-Fi* Operated Intelligent Pump Monitoring & Alarm Notification System
    • Works through your home's wireless router
    • *Requires an internet connection and wireless router (Not Included)
    Cloud-Based System - No Service or Subscription Fees
    • Apple® iOS and Android® compatible
    • Free download on Google® Play Store or the App Store
    NightEye® App
    • Backup pump notification, High water level alarm, AC power loss & Blow fuse / DC pump issue
    • Also provides 12V battery charge levels and Critically low battery warning
    • Allows for easy set-up, between App and alarm with BlinkUp technology
    Advanced Notifications
    • Sends via text, email or push notification; Up to 4 different contacts/phone #'s
    • Alerts you of "Low Basement Temperature" (User defined temp. setting)
    • Also provides loss of WiFi notification just in case the connection is lost

    Best Combination Sump Pump

    Learn More About Pro Series PS-C33
    Expert Review
    If the Basement Watchdog 1/2HP model BW4000, or some of the smaller combination systems that we offer doesn't quite make the cut for you as far as pumping capacity, this system will fill the void. The primary pump offers a very capable 3000GPH and the battery backup pump will handle 2400GPH at a 10-foot head. Not bad for a system at this attractive price! Besides the Pro Series' exclusive monitoring system that "watches" over the battery functions and detects irregularities, it pinpoints problems and sounds alarms as needed, this system also includes their own pump controller model DFC1 with caged dual float switch, for redundancy and extra added protection. This system is designed to operate with one or two Basement Watchdog model 30HDC140S batteries and will operate the 12-volt pump for up to 7 hours continuous with a single battery or 24-36 hours non-continuous. You can double those run times with a second battery if you choose. I'm giving this system our recommendation rating because it's a great contractor grade system and it also includes a 3-year warranty.
    Protect Your Basement from Flooding
    • Provides both primary and backup pumping capabilities
    • Primary pump will operate as long as it is receiving A/C power
    • A/C fails or excessive water into sump than pump can handle
    • The backup sump pump will begin pumping automatically
    Exclusive Monitoring System
    • Detects irregularities, sounds an alarm, & pinpoints problems
    • Maintains and recharges battery automatically
    • Alarm can be silenced during a power outage
    • Output terminals for connection to a security system/auto-dialer
    Combination System Includes:
    • 1/3 HP-PSC Primary Pump (3000 GPH @ 10' Lift)
    • PHCC 2400 12V Backup Pump (2400 GPH @ 10' Lift)
    • Backup system controller/charger with fluid sensor
    • Primary pump controller (DFC1.5) with caged dual float switch
    • 2 Check valves & 1-1/2" Rubber Union
    • Sump Foot™ - raised platform for both pumps
    • Battery Box Included
    Can accommodate 1 or 2 Batteries (Sold Separately)
      ***For Sealed AGM Batteries the Monitor Probe Attaches to Positive Terminal***

        Best Heavy Duty Sump Pump

        Learn More About Wayne CDU1000
        Wayne CDU1000 1 HP Automatic Submersible Sump Pump
        • Assembled in the US with foreign and domestic parts
        The Hardest Working Pumps, You'll Never Hear™
        • Energy efficient motors & engineered design provide an ultra quiet experience
        Stainless Steel & Cast Iron Construction
        • Rugged, corrosion-resistant design provides long life in sump applications
        1-HP, Thermally Protected 120V PCS Motor
        • Energy efficient, oil-filled design, for quiet operation and extend motor life
        Integrated, Guard-Protected Vertical Float Switch w/ Solid Polypropylene Float
        • Prevents switch hang-ups from debris for reliable automatic operation


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        Sump Pump Expert
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